program 2001: science + fiction Media art exhibition Hidden Parameters Films by Miklós Erdély update 2.0 Contemporary German media art exhibition Science and Fiction in Media Art, International symposium Exhibition in the Barcsay Hall of the Hungarian Academy of
Fine Arts

Magali Desbazeille - Siegfried Canto
You think therefore I am (following you),
Christine Beigel, guest writer

Interactive video installation, 2000

The participant walks on a video projected image. The image presents pedestrians, filmed beforehand from underneath through a transparent floor. When the participant comes into contact with the image of filmed pedestrians, he hears their inner thoughts. Filmed pedestrians also perhaps passed there, they belong, like the participants, to the memory of the place. The image is like a mirror. The spectator is surprised by these fragmented inner thoughts and smiles to himself. Is he revealed despite himself ?

We don't speak as we think and don't think as we speak. Inner thoughts are unrestrained. They jump from one subject to another. They are often linked to banality and daily organisation, but can also be far from this. The inner thoughts are about human communication, anonymity in public space. How do pedestrians see another one? How is the city seen by the citizens?.

Like most public places, there are many different kinds of filmed pedestrians : men, women, children, old people. Some people walk fast, some slow, some are waiting. The projected image is slowed down three times so that the participants can follow the filmed pedestrians and get a chance to hear a longer thought.

Producers and partners
Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains, Ministère de la Culture et de la communication (Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles du Nord-Pas de Calais), Région Île de France "Bourses pour l'an 2000", Société FLIR Systems SARL, Société Doublet SA, Centre National Chorégraphique de La Rochelle, Théâtre du Nord de Lille.

Softver : VeryNervousSystem, MAXmsp.