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Fine Arts
International Symposium: Science and Fiction in Media Art

French Institute (Fő utca 17, Budapest I.)
Monday, 11 June 2001, 9.00-18.00

C3 Foundation organises a one-day, international interdisciplinary symposium with the participation of artists, scientists, media theorists and curators, which focuses on the discourse of media art and scientific research, and within that, fictive elements and scientific results, all within the context of the current international trends in media art.

Media Art Interaction - 20 years of participatory projects in Germany
Rudolf Frieling, media theoretician, curator, director of the video archive, Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie (ZKM), Karlsruhe, D

Technology and the Myth of a New Man: Between Fiction and Philosophy
Claudia Giannetti, art historian, professor, founding director, Media Centre of Art and Design (MECAD), Barcelona, E

Holography and Relativity
Nils Abramson, scientist, researcher, holographer, professor, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, S
Member of the International Optical Engineering Society, and recipient of the Dénes Gábor award.

Fiction and the Effects of De-realization
Marina Grzinic, media artist, theoretician, philosopher, Ljubljana, SLO
Curator of the Reconstructed Fiction exhibition, which will be on view in the Műcsarnok/Kunsthalle Budapest in July 2001.

When science fiction gets real
Joachim Sauter, artist and professor, Hochschule der Künste, Berlin, D
founder and director, Art+Com, Berlin, D

Voodoo Spartachiade Times:
Phenomenology of the Total Performance of the People

Milos Vojtechovsky, artist, curator, founder of Metamedia, Prague, CZ, founder of the Lost Expedition Society, researcher at the Foundation and Center for Contemporary Arts, Prague, CZ

Richard Kriesche, artist and professor, theoretician, Kulturdata, Graz/Hochschule für Gestaltung, Offenbach, A

Let's make a monster!
Perry Hoberman, artist, professor, School of Visual Arts (SVA), New York, USA

A man who said that the future was his (Nikola Tesla)
Keiko Sei, media theoretician, professor, Multimedia/Video Department, Technical University, Brno, CZ

Pierre Bongiovanni, media theoretician, director, CICV Pierre Schaeffer, Hérimoncourt, F

Deep time of the media - towards an anarchaeology of technical hearing and seeing
Siegfried Zielinski, media archaeologist, professor (and founding director),
Kunsthochschule für Medien (KHM), Cologne, D

Ferenc Kömlődi, media theoretician, writer, Budapest, H
Transhumanist Media Art

19.00: Closing event of the symposium:
Masaki Fujihata - Kiyoshi Furukawa - Wolfgang Münch: Small Fish
electronic, audiovisual composition, produced at the ZKM / concert performed by Kiyoshi Furukawa

Institut Français de Budapest
1011 Budapest, Fő utca 17.
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