program 2001: science + fiction Media art exhibition Hidden Parameters Films by Miklós Erdély update 2.0 Contemporary German media art exhibition Science and Fiction in Media Art, International symposium Exhibition in the Barcsay Hall of the Hungarian Academy of
Fine Arts

Andrea Schneemeier- Dávid Szauder
Human Controlling System (HCS) Project, 2001
Interactive video installation

The Human Controlling System project models the series of questions based on scientific and fictional ideas that have to do with human control in a psychological and conceptual sense. Besides meaning social and political control, it also deals with a unique psychological relationship, something each person feels within themselves, analyses, and then conducts their life accordingly. The examining of this complex meaning involves active analysis, which is the basis for the work on display at the exhibit.

The installation creates a system, whose concept moves between the ideas of supervision, inspection, and participation. The "inspection" of the observer's experiences appears filtered by a partially fictive measuring system. The active participation of someone is needed for the system to work. The reference of certain elements to each other surrounds the observer like a room full of mirrors. The activity it is forced into makes it an element of the system while also becoming a subject of the inspection like a part of a story. However, one question still remains for observer walking on the treadmill: who is controlling the system and what should he/she be prepared for? In its general form, partly with respect to the tools used also, the project recalls the atmosphere of astronaut training institutions or psychological laboratories. We have used the instruments (which, in medical practice register the human body as the internal workings of a machine) as the elements of a system in which visual and a physically active reception come into contact with one another.
The actual action happens in a closed-off space. The observer enters into and steps onto a treadmill which starts slowly and then gradually speeds up to a run. At the same time, on the wall opposite the entrance, a pre-recorded video-loop shows a chase-scene in "first person". The camera above the entrance records this as if the viewer were a part of the story. On the control-monitor the montage made by the internal camera can be seen, complemented by the actual control system, which shows the heart rate, blood pressure, pulse, and breathing of the person running inside. The outer display board repeats the loop until the next person steps into the area and onto the treadmill. Thus the visitors can observe themselves from an outside perspective.

Andrea Schneemeier- Dávid Szauder