program 2001: science + fiction Media art exhibition Hidden Parameters Films by Miklós Erdély update 2.0 Contemporary German media art exhibition Science and Fiction in Media Art, International symposium Exhibition in the Barcsay Hall of the Hungarian Academy of
Fine Arts

Elatus, 2001

Elatus, 2001 "Just as new empires are often born on the fringes of an empire in collapse, so the things we will find important in the future can be found on the periphery of what we find interesting today. If we want to know what our future will be like, we have to look for the things we almost pay attention to today. I have tried to construct my work from elements that comply with these criteria: water, air, levitation, slowly flowing time, and a small amount, though hidden, technology.

From among the cultural tendencies of the future, the determinant factors for me is the strangely opposing combination of barbarism and spiritual awakening, the highlighted (new) religious fanaticism; because there is nothing left to be conquered, both in inner and outer spheres, our culture will not move so much in a forward direction (the cult of progress and the future, linear understanding of time), but may find a new way of thinking in a more "Eastern", circular concept of time."

Gábor Gyôrfi