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Fine Arts

The Region of Self-Fulfilling Prophesies

The website generates a daily horoscope for those visiting the site, not based on personal data (date of birth, etc.), but purely on the idea of randomness. The visitor receives five "prophesies" (they can be in the form of pictures, sound, text, or motion picture) for the given day. Perhaps the visitor cannot interpret them or forgets them, but as the person goes through the events of the day, the prophesies are remembered. This is the logic of the self-fulfilling prophesies (and the base of all fortune-telling): the person involuntarily begins to concentrate on the things highlighted by the prophesies, which may have been fulfilled anyway, without any serious meaning.
The prophesy, therefore, is not the explanation of an event, but it is the reading that is of consequence. From the moment following the reading of the horoscope, the reader starts to see events through the filter of this minimalist horoscope.